Facilities - Departments


  • Field grounds: 8640 m2
  • Main office space: 320 m2
  • Automation deparment space: 280 m2
  • Factory space: 1500 m2
  • Built surface for development: 1.500 m2



Technical office

In the technical office, we design each Project according to customer needs and specifications, finding the right solution in order to guaranty the quality of our customers products.


We use the latest technology from Siemens PLM Software to develop our projects, Unigraphics to design moulds and Solid Edge to design machinery. We can also read any kind of format files that our customers provide us with.



The mechanization department works with the latest machine and tools equipped with numerical controls (CNC) to follow up all of our processes with the speed and quality that our projects request.

The CAM department develop the programs based on the design of each piece using Tebis software guaranteeing successful results



The Assembly department is made up of  highly experienced professionals with knowledge of our products so they are in charge of the fine tuning of the projects.

We collaborate with local professional schools in order to ensure the work capacity and customer service on the future.



The automation department applies the latest available technologies, electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics to integrate them in the machines according to the European Safety norms guaranteeing all the phase of the processes and the productivity.



The quality department is in charge to promote the continuous improvement , updating ISO 9001:2008 in the whole company and training the personal in a ongoing improvements processes.

Jae has the necessary measurements elements to assure their processes and the final product quality.